Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cardinals offense sorely misses Allen Craig

The Cardinals offense is struggling.

Excluding the 12-run outburst on Sunday, the Cardinals offense has produced just 8 runs in its other 4 games, losing 3 of them.

Its obvious that the Cardinals need Allen Craig back and fast.

Since his injury, the team is hitting just .253 and, although they have had a few outbursts with two 12-run games and a 9 game, the team is averaging just 3 runs a game (excluding those 3 big games).

That's not to blame Matt Adams, Craig's replacement, for the team's struggles on offense.  Adams has hit .289 with 3 homers and 6 rbi's in 11 games since Craig's injury, however, no one player can replace Craig's clutch hitting.

Craig is hitting an astounding .454 with RISP this year, which leads all of baseball.  In 152 plate appearance with a RISP, Craig has driven in 83 runs (including 4 homers).  That is an incredible rate of success.

It hasn't helped that two of the Cardinals big bats, Carlos Beltran (.189) and Yadier Molina (.250, but just .148 excluding his 4 for 5 performance on Sunday) have not been hitting.

The Cardinals have been a feast or famine team all season, scoring 7 or more runs in 38 games.  Their only loss when scoring 7 or more runs, came back on April 3rd when they lost 10-9 against the Diamondbacks.

The Cardinals lead the NL in run differential, with 155 more runs scored than given up, yet they are tied in the NL Central with the Pirates, who have the smallest run differential (44) of all of the NL contenders.

As to Craig, his return is still up in the air.  He was put in a walking boot (again) last Thursday, which he was supposed to keep on "for a week or so".  Even if he gets it off this week, its unclear how long it will take him to be game ready.

For now, the Cardinals have to keep plugging along and try to muster some offense without him. 

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