Welcome to Cardinals Fan in Cubs Land.

As the name implies, I am a lifelong Cardinals fan living behind enemy lines in the North Suburbs of Chicago.

After writing about the Cubs for a few years for a now defunct website (the Cardinals blog was already taken), I decided to start my own Cardinals blog to write about the team I love.

You won't find any game recaps here, as I rarely get a chance to see the games up here in Chicagoland.  Nor will I just regurgitate the news, as you can find the latest Cardinals news on various sites throughout the web.

My main focus will be to provide my thoughts, analysis and commentary on the news and rumors surrounding the Cardinals and then open the floor for discussion.  You may think I'm full of it or you may totally agree with me, but the point of all this is to open channels for discussion amongst fellow Cardinals fans.

So feel free to jump into the discussion.  Comments are open to everyone and I will publish all of them (non-spam).

Finally, I am dedicating this site to my late father, Don, without whom my love for the Cardinals would have never been born.

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  1. Just found your site. I grew up as a Cards Fan in Cubs land so I feel your pain. I now live in central Illinois where it is at least 50% Cubs, 40% Card and 10% everybody else. I haven't created a profile yet but I will if I continue to read your stuff. Just made my first comment on your post about replacing Jay in Center. Thx for the effort.