Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 MLB Composite Top 100 Prospect List

If you are a fantasy baseball player like me, you are always looking for an edge in your league.  Several years ago, I started putting together a composite prospect list by taking the top prospect list from around the web and assigning points to each player ranked (100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd and so on).  I then total up the points and sort highest to lowest to give me a Composite Top Prospect list.

Last year I created a website, MLB Composite Prospect Index, to house all these lists that I've put together over the years and today I just posted the preliminary 2013 Composite Top Prospect List.

Its always an interesting exercise to go through this process each year, because each site has a different view as to what is considered a top prospect.  Sure, a lot of the top 10-20 prospects are the same across the various sites (just in different order), but once you get past that, its anybody's guess who might show up.

For the Cardinals, it should come as no surprise that Oscar Taveras is their top ranking prospect at #4.  Shelby Miller, despite a subpar year, also cracked the top 10.  After that, you see some of the usual suspects in Carlos Martinez (#28), Kolten Wong (#56), Trevor Rosenthal (#59) and Michael Wacha (#96).

If you saw my 2013 Composite Cardinals Top Prospect list, you'll recognize these guys as they were Cardinals top 6 prospects on that list (with Wong #6 after Rosenthal and Wacha).  Matt Adams, the #7 Cardinals prospect, was #123 on the Composite list.

As a Cardinal fan, you've got to be excited about our minor league talent.  This is the first time I can remember having so many Cardinals prospects in the top 100.  I am certainly looking forward to seeing these guys (especially Taveras) wearing the Birds on the Bat in the near future.

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