Monday, April 29, 2013

Bad body language has no place in baseball!

The way Tom Hallion describes it, David Price swore at him with his body language in yesterday's game and he responded, verbally.

This makes total sense to me.  Lord knows I've seen plenty of bad body language.  Having 3 small kids, it is a daily occurrence. 

So, from now on, you know what I'm going to do?  Anytime I catch my kids using bad body language, I'm going to swear at them.  And, if they should report to Mom that I used a bad word, I will call them a liar!

I don't care if my kids don't say a word and don't look at me when I make them eat their broccoli for dinner.  If they should happen to make a pouty face, yuck face or even just slump their shoulders and sigh heavily, I will unleash a string of expletives on them so fast it would make a sailor's head spin.

And if one of the other kids tries to back the bad body language kid up, I will put 'em in time out!  No kid of mine is going to disrespect me with bad body language!

The bottom line is this.  Bad body language hurts. It is like someone pulling your nose hairs out one by one.

So, Tom Hallion had every right to get upset at David Price for showing bad body language while he was walking off the field after the 7th inning of yesterday's game. 

It doesn't matter that Hallion blew a call that upset Price.  It doesn't matter that that call could have cost Price the game (if he was facing anyone other than the light hitting DeWayne Wise). 

All that matters is that Price showed bad body language while walking off the field, which hurt Hallion's feelings, and that, my friends, is the worst hurt of all.

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