Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shelby Miller is dealing with tightness and soreness in his shoulder

OK, now I'm really starting to worry.

Mike Matheny said today that Shelby Miller is dealing with "tightness and soreness in his shoulder", according to Jennifer Langosch

While Cardinals fans everywhere collectively hold their breath and hope that its just a minor issue, what was once a strength for the Cardinals is quickly becoming an area of major concern.

Considered by many to be the favorite for the 5th starter job, if Miller is required to miss any time, the competition for the 5th spot will be down to two pitchers: Joe Kelly and Trevor Rosenthal.

While Kelly filled in well as a starter last year and Rosenthal was excellent coming out of the bullpen down the stretch, the Cardinals pitching depth is taking a real hit this spring. Chris Carpenter is already out for the season and now this.

What this means for the Cardinals is that more will be expected out of Lance Lynn and Jaime Garcia this season.  Garcia dealt with his own shoulder problems last year and Lynn had issues with his consistency.  Its likely that they will need to stay healthy and effective all season if the Cardinals hope to contend.

In addition, this will likely put more pressure on the Cardinals to sign Adam Wainwright to an extension.

Even with the top farm system and a bevy of young, power arms, this just highlights that you can never have too much pitching.

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