Tuesday, February 19, 2013

United Cardinals Bloggers Roundtable

This week, the United Cardinals Bloggers kicked off their annual spring roundtable.  There will be a series of 15 questions with 20 Cardinals Bloggers providing their answers to each.  The questions will be posted daily on the blog of the person asking the question.  The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, February 19Bill, I70 Baseball
Wednesday, February 20Kevin, Cards ‘N Stuff
Thursday, February 21Mark, RetroSimba
Friday, February 22Dathan, Cards Tied For First
Monday, February 25Pip, Fungoes
Tuesday, February 26Christine and Tara, Aaron Miles’ Fastball
Wednesday, February 27Mark, Cardinals Fan In Cubs Land
Thursday, February 28Diane, Women Who Love Cardinal Baseball
Friday, March 1: Daniel, Redbird Rants
Monday, March 4Matt, Cheap Seats Please
Tuesday, March 5Nick, Pitchers Hit Eighth
Wednesday, March 6: Bob, On The Outside Corner
Thursday, March 7Spencer and Brian, StanGraphs
Friday, March 8: Corey, STL Sports Minute
Monday, March 11: Daniel, C70 At The Bat

The links above are currently to the home page of each website.  I will update the links as each Q&A is posted.  You can also go to the United Cardinals Bloggers page for links to the articles. 

I am looking forward to participating in this year's roundtable (I'm scheduled for February 27th) and it should be an interesting discussion and analysis of the Cardinals and their prospects for the 2013 season.

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