Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cardinals nearing a decision on 5th starter?

According to B.J. Rains, Mike Matheny indicated today that the Cardinals are "getting close" on a decision as to who the 5th starter will be. 

If that's true, the timing seems a little odd.

First of all, the favorite for the job, Shelby Miller, has only pitched 2 innings so far this spring.  Another candidate, Joe Kelly, also only has 2 innings in spring games.  Is that enough to base a decision on?

The Cardinals third option, Trevor Rosenthal, was only scheduled to pitched two innings today, after pitching 3 last week.  Is this an indication that he is being pushed to the bullpen?

Of all the pitchers in camp, Michael Wacha has pitched the most innings so far, with 7.2.  Does this mean that Wacha could be named the 5th starter?  He has certainly been the most effective of the Cards pitchers this spring.

What I think this this all means is that the pitchers will probably have one, maybe two more starts to prove themselves.  Kelly is scheduled to pitch tomorrow and Miller on Friday, with both possibly throwing again next Tuesday and Wednesday.  While Wacha and Rosenthal will each get another outing in between.

Or, what it could also mean is that the Cardinals already had made their choice before the start of Spring Training, but wanted to make sure that pitcher (Miller) was healthy and ready to go.

In any case, by next Friday, we could have an answer. 


  1. So, who are Nos. 1 thru 4?

  2. Adam Wainwright, Jake Westbrook, Jaime Garcia and Lance Lynn.

  3. I think Wacha is your best bet.

  4. Wacha has certainly looked great, but I think that the Cards will go with Miller. Wacha is probably the Cardinals "7th" starter.

  5. Do we have no interest in re signing Lohse?

  6. Unless his asking price (and years) come down dramatically, I do not think Lohse is an option for the Cards.