Monday, March 11, 2013

Cardinals second base battle to continue into the season

According to Derrick Goold, the Cardinals second base battle will continue into the regular season, with "performance and need dictating the starter."

What does this all mean?

Well, it means that what once started as an experiment to find another way to get Matt Carpenter's bat into the lineup and make him into a super utility player is quickly becoming a potential regular gig for Carpenter.

With the recent news that Rafael Furcal is done for the season, the Cardinals are probably looking for more offense from their middle infield positions.  Pete Kozma could provide some offense at short, but he is still an unknown quantity, having only played 42 games in the majors.

Carpenter, on the other hand, has hit .283/.359/.447 in 311 at bats in the majors, including a .294/.365/.463 line in 2012.  Getting regular at bats at second for him could help offset the loss of Furcal.  In addition, it gives the Cards the opportunity to use Daniel Descalso at short.

With both Descalso and Carpenter hitting left handed, the Cardinals cannot use a straight platoon with them.  More likely, Carpenter will start the majority of games with Descalso coming off the bench as a defensive replacement late in games. The Cardinals could also choose to start Descalso when sinkerballer Jake Westbrook is on the mound.

In any case, the Cardinals appear comfortable with Carpenter at second and it may be Descalso who now holds down the super utility role.


  1. descalso can not hit but can field. Carpenter can hit but can not field. Kozma can hit but can not field. Robinson can hit but can not field. Traditionally a utility player should be able to field and hopefully hit. An everyday player should be able to field AND hit. I hope we can score a lot of runs to make up for the lack of fielding. I should qualify that I do think Carpenter plays a decent first base, and looks completely lost in the out field and at second. We have a good nucleus of starters and we are short again on utility players and that makes for a tough year in the long run. Go CARDS!!!

  2. At some point, Kolten Wong will take over second base and be that guy who can hit AND field. For now, the Cards have to make due with a platoon of half and half.

    As for Kozma, the verdict is still out on the "can hit" part of the equation.

  3. Maybe Cards and Ranger do: Taveras for Profar. No salary problem. Rangers break middle infield logjam, get OF help and Cards get SS.

  4. I wouldn't want to trade Taveras, we need him to replace Carlos Beltran after this season.

    Best bet would be to trade some excess pitching for Profar or Andrus.

  5. craig replaces beltran. adams replaces craig
    tavaras replaces Jay.