Thursday, March 14, 2013

Joe Kelly impresses in final battle for Cardinals 5th starter spot

In their final outing before the Cardinals make their decision on the 5th starter spot, Joe Kelly out pitched Shelby Miller and looks to have locked up the spot.

Kelly started the game and pitched 4 innings allowing just 3 hits and, more importantly, no walks.  He gave up 1 earned run while also striking out one.  His sinker was in good form as he induced 6 groundouts to just 2 flyouts.

Miller, who came on in the 5th in relief, was throwing strikes as well, but was too hittable, allowing 6 hits in his 2.2 innings pitched.  He struck out 4, but allowed 3 earned runs.

I have never believed that a team should base a decision just on a player's performance in Spring Training and I don't think the Cardinals will do that in this case either. 

However, it appears now that all of the factors seem to be leaning in Kelly's direction.

First, Kelly already proved himself at the major league level last year. 

Second, the Cardinals can delay Miller service clock and avoid super two status by sending him to the minors to start the year.

Finally, Kelly has out pitched Miller this spring.

When you consider all of those factors, you have to believe the Cardinals will go with Kelly as the 5th starter and Miller will be sent down to Memphis to start the year.

However, I expect we will see Miller soon enough and he should be an important part of the Cards staff by the end of the year.


  1. My money has been on Kelly from the start. I'm not big on rushing young players, but his performance last year in the clutch was good. And as you said, Miller will be there soon enough.

    1. I watched the game and you have the players reversed. Miller started and was great. Kelly relieved and allowed all four runs. You should appologize!

    2. Um, this article was written about the pitching performances for Kelly and Miller when they pitched on Thursday, March 14th, and, on that day, Kelly pitched better.

      The article I wrote on March 19th clearly states that Miller pitched better on that day.

      Please check the dates of the articles before making nasty comments.

  2. I always felt that Kelly had the edge, but in my heart I wanted to see Miller win the job. I just think if he pitches to his potential he could be an excellent addition to the rotation. Kelly, while good, just doesn't have the upside of Miller.

    However, I'm sure Miller will get his shot.

  3. Wondering what about Wacha,how is he doing?

  4. Wacha has been nothing short of impressive for the Cards this spring, but he had little chance to make the opening day roster and was reassigned to minor league camp yesterday.

  5. Why don't you confirm that you made a mistake and had Miller and Kelly reversed yesterday

    1. I did not make a mistake. You did.

      Check the dates of the articles and the pitching performances of Miller and Kelly on those dates and then get back to me.