Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cardinals pitchers flaunt their age

The Cardinals pitchers are showing their age and that's a good thing.  In the first two games of the NLCS, 7 of the 9 pitchers the Cards have used were 26 or under.  The list includes game one starter Joe Kelly (25), game two starter Michael Wacha (21), relievers Lance Lynn (26), Seth Maness (24), Kevin Siegrist (23), Carlos Martinez (21) and closer Trevor Rosenthal (23).

Combined, they have thrown 20.1 innings, allowing just 13 hits and 6 walks while striking out 22.  They have garnered 2 wins so far while posting an incredible 0.89 ERA. 

The only "veterans" of this group are Lynn and Kelly, while the other 5 are completing their rookie season.

Its amazing to think about what these pitchers have accomplished at such a young age.  In the NLDS, the Cardinals also used Shelby Miller (22), making 8 of their 12 pitchers 26 or under.  Those 8 pitchers combined to throw 25 innings, allowing 20 hits, 11 walks, 25 K's and a 3.96 ERA. 

Adam Wainwright is still the leader of this pitching staff, as his two wins in the NLDS attest, but the Cardinals certainly have a nice stable of young pitchers to build around for the future.

The Cardinals are going to have to make some difficult decisions this offseason as to who fits where in this pitching staff and who might be expendable to acquire upgrades elsewhere. 

But, for now, its just fun to watch these youngsters pitch and dream of how good they could be with a little more experience.

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