Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are the Cardinals pursuing Jake Peavy?

With injuries to Jaime Garcia and Michael Wacha, as well as concerns surrounding Shelby Miller's performance (5.81 ERA in his last 5 starts) and overextending Carlos Martinez, who has not pitched more than 132 innings in the regular season, it makes sense that the Cardinals would be looking to add another starting pitcher.

But, Jake Peavy?  Really?

According to Gordon Edes of ESPNBoston.com, the Cards scouted Peavy's start on July 6 and Peter Gammons is reporting that the Cardinals have interest in the righthander.  For what its worth, the Cards also showed interest in Peavy last year around this time, before he ended up going to the Red Sox.

On the plus side, Peavy, who has approximately $7 million remaining on his contract for this season, would likely not cost the Cardinals much in terms of prospects, if they agreed to pick up the remainder of his contract.  He has proven his durability this year, logging 110.2 IP so far, and is unlikely to meet the 400 IP minimum, for 2013 and 2014 combined, for his 2015 player option to kick in.

Thus, from that standpoint, its a low risk, high potential reward move for the Cardinals.

On the downside, despite his durability, Peavy hasn't exactly been tearing it up this season, with a 4.64 ERA, including a 5.89 ERA for May and a 5.40 ERA for June.  Would he really be an upgrade over any of the Cardinals current starters?

If the Cards can get him for some low-level prospect or two, then it might be worth it, as the team could use some pitching depth.  However, if the Red Sox ask for anything of significant value, then the Cards should pass.

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