Saturday, July 26, 2014

What will happen with the Cardinals' Oscar Taveras?

By next Friday, Oscar Taveras will likely be somewhere else.  The only question is whether that will be another team or AAA Memphis.

The Cardinals are at a crossroads with Taveras.  After being called up on July 1st to try to spark the offense, Taveras started 9 of the first 10 games, but after hitting .219 in those starts (7 for 32), he has started just 3 of the last 9 games.

If he doesn't get hot soon, he could be headed back to the minors or maybe elsewhere as part of a trade.

Here is Taveras' catch 22 situation it a nutshell:  Cards manager Mike Matheny is not going to bench Allen Craig for a guy hitting .205 and Taveras is not going to start hitting unless he gets regular playing time.

All signs point to some change being made in the near future.  It makes no sense for the Cardinals to keep Taveras up in the majors, just to have him rot on the bench.  On the other hand, he is still a top prospect and Cards are in need of pitching, so using him as trade bait for a guy like David Price could be an option.

What is apparent is that he's unlikely to get regular playing time at the major league level.  At least not this season and not while Matheny is still managing the Cards.

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  1. I think trading Taveras would b mistake he has shown flashes if he was given the opportunity to play. Jon Jay was given opportunity to work out of slump, but in my opinion Jay is not a everyday player. Whay Daniel D. he has no range or pop in his bat but Mathey uses him in crucial situations where he can't get to a ground ball or come up with a much needed hit why he hasn't he been sent down? Taveras is not the worse part of the Cardinal team, there are more issues with veteran players not hitting than a rookie being given the opportunity to show he is a big league player