Friday, June 14, 2013

Could Kolten Wong end up being traded?

Earlier, I made the case for keeping David Freese (along with Matt Carpenter and Kolten Wong).  In his chat today, Jeff Gordon backed me up, indicating that Matt Carpenter is probably the Cardinals long-term second baseman and that the Cards are unlikely to trade Freese.  However, he surprised me a bit by indicating that Wong is expendable. 

Here's Gordon's quote:

Matheny's proclamation that Carpenter is the league's best 2B tells you that Matt will play 2B here for a long, long time. And there is no need to run off David Freese any time soon. With Descalso firming up his utility value, that clearly blocks Wong. Other teams will be on this.
So, while I suggested that Daniel Descalso could be the odd man out, it appears, to Gordon at least, that Wong is the guy that could be moved.

It makes sense, in that you could get more in return for a top prospect like Wong (perhaps the Cardinals could use him to acquire Cliff Lee).  I'm not sure if this is a move the Cards will make in July, as they don't really have an abundance of needs at this time.  Sure, someone like Lee would be great, but is he really necessary?

More likely, the Cardinals will wait until the end of the season and assess their organizational depth and how to sort it all out. 

As Joe Strauss points out, the Cards are in an envious position, with an abundance of major league ready talent as well as money to spend heading into next season.  What they do with all that leverage remains to be seen.

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