Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What does the Cardinals starting pitching depth chart look like now?

The Cardinals pitching staff has seen many changes during the first two months, primarily due to injuries.  The starting pitching depth that was once a strength of this team has taken the biggest hit, with 4 pitchers currently on the DL.

Here's a look at the Cardinals depth chart for their starting pitching prior to spring training:

  1. Adam Wainwright
  2. Chris Carpenter
  3. Jaime Garcia
  4. Jake Westbrook
  5. Lance Lynn
  6. Shelby Miller
  7. Joe Kelly
  8. Trevor Rosenthal
  9. Carlos Martinez
  10. Michael Wacha
Lance Lynn was originally suppose to battle Miller, Kelly and Rosenthal for the 5th starter job, but Carpenter's spring injury locked up a rotation spot for Lynn and made the 5th starter job a battle between Miller, Kelly and Rosenthal.

After losing their 5th starter battle to Miller, Kelly and Rosenthal have been relegated to the bullpen and it appears that they are there to stay, at least for this season.  With the emergence of Wacha and John Gast, along with relatively unknown Tyler Lyons, I would say the depth chart now looks more like this:
  1. Adam Wainwright
  2. Chris Carpenter (DL - could return in July?)
  3. Jake Westbrook (DL - expected back in 1-2 weeks)
  4. Lance Lynn
  5. Shelby Miller
  6. Michael Wacha
  7. John Gast (DL - out 'til end of June?)
  8. Tyler Lyons
  9. Carlos Martinez
  10. Jaime Garcia (DL - out for season)
Shifting Kelly and Rosenthal to the pen hurt the Cardinals depth some, but it was offset by the emergence of Wacha and Gast.  In particular, if Wacha hadn't pitched lights out in the spring, I think that one of Kelly or Rosenthal would have started the season at AAA to remain stretched out as a starter.

Gast's emergence helped the Cardinals to delay the callup of Wacha, but when Gast got injured, it finally forced the Cards hand.  The question that looms is who will stay in the rotation once Westbrook, Gast and possibly even Carpenter return from the DL.  But that's a topic for another day.

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  1. I do Hope everything will Work out. I'm a Great CARDINAL Fan. I was Born in St.Louis. Was a "Knot Hole Gang Member as a Young "School Boy Patrol" Went to a Few St.Louis Brown's Games. They would let us Peek through the old wood fence, Where the Knot's Came out. It was Great. Yogi Berra Is my Cousin By Marriage, the 2 Giles Bros are also my Cousins, They did Play for San Diego .
    Thanks "Walt" Rencehausen,sr.