Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are the Cardinals using Carlos Martinez as a trade chip?

A report from Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune indicates that the White Sox turned down a deal that involved Cardinals prospect Carlos Martinez and the White Sox's shortstop Alexei Ramirez.  However, that report was later contradicted by a tweet from Jon Heyman, who said the Sox did not turn down such an offer, but that he would not be surprised if the Cards were interested in Ramirez.

While the Cardinals interest in Ramirez is not surprising, the fact that the Cards are potentially dangling Martinez is.

Martinez is a consensus Top 25 prospect (Baseball America lists him 24th, Baseball Prospectus lists him 22nd and Minor League Ball lists him 9th).  It would be a bit much to give up just for Ramirez, however, Gonzalez did indicate in his article that Martinez and Ramirez were only parts of a larger deal.

I have had some questions regarding the Cardinals treatment of Martinez of late, using him out of the major league bullpen when he would be better served starting at AAA and continuing his development. 

However, the recent trade rumors surrounding Martinez may indicate that the Cards main reason for promoting him is to showcase him for other teams.  Doesn't make their treatment of him any better, but at least it might explain it.

If the Cards are truly dangling Martinez to other teams, you have to hope that they would be able to get something better in return than just Ramirez, such as perhaps Ramirez and Peavy. 

Nonetheless, it appears that the Cardinals are willing to part with at least one top prospect to get what they need.


  1. Can you tell me what makes you an expert on how to handle a pitching prospect?

  2. Never claimed to be an expert. Its just my opinion that Martinez would be better served starting somewhere, as he needs to work on his secondary pitches.

  3. Cards better get a lot for Martinez, the kid has IT!

  4. Agree with you on the handling of the kid. I'm thinking this is more of a move to clear a starting spot for hopefully a trade for a starter. Thought scrabble was done here and so deep in the doghouse he'd never see St. Louis again.