Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cardinals looking to clear dead weight, aka Ty Wigginton, off their roster?

According to Derrick Goold, the Cardinals are exploring their options regarding the little used and highly unproductive Ty Wigginton.

Signed to a two-year, $5 million contract this offseason, Wigginton has posted a .158/.238/.193 line in just 57 at bats this season.  He has the fewest starts (7) of any position player and the second fewest at bats (only backup catcher Tony Cruz has fewer).

Goold indicates that the Cardinals could make a move before tonight's game against the Astros.  The Cardinals are on the hook for Wigginton's salary, but they have a few options, including a minor-league assignment, a trade (not that many teams would be interested) or just designating him for assignment and releasing him.

When he was first signed, I didn't think it was such a bad deal, as he could provide some right handed pop off the bench and a veteran presence for a relatively young team.  However, with Matt Adams earning a bench spot and Daniel Descalso having a strong season at the plate, there has been little need for Wigginton.

So, the Cardinals may decide to demote Wigginton or just cut their losses in favor of bringing up someone who can help them at an area of need.  My guess is that they will probably call up Ryan Jackson to help fill in for a slumping Pete Kozma.

Whatever the case, it appears that Wigginton will no longer be on the Cardinals major league roster after today.


  1. Well it is what it is i guess....
    Bye Bye Twiggy

  2. what took so long

  3. What do you expect from an ex-Philly...they wanted to get rid of him for the same reason. Plain and simple, anything Philly related sucks!

  4. He's standing too upright at the plate. He swings over knee high pitches constantly. Can't Mabry or Molina try and help him before he is banished?????

  5. We hated him in Philly too!