Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Matt Garza likely to be traded this week. Cardinals remain a darkhorse.

According to David Kaplan of CSNChicago.com, the Cubs are likely to trade Matt Garza this week and, while Texas, Toronto and Cleveland are all involved, the Cardinals are considered a darkhorse.

Per Kaplan's "significant industry source":

"The Cardinals saved a ton of money walking away from the Pujols negotiations and now they are having the last laugh as that contract looks awful for the Angels. They have a loaded farm system and if they are able to win another World Series after letting Albert walk away, it would be a huge statement about not overpaying players no matter how important they are to your organization. Giving up a few top prospects for a shot at another championship is a small price to pay. And don't think for one second that Theo or Jed is afraid of dealing Garza to a division rival. If they get the right deal they won't care where they deal him to."

Previously, I hadn't put a lot of stock into the Garza rumors, as I just did not see the Cardinals mortgaging their future for a short-term rental.  However, where there's smoke, there's usually fire and there certainly is a lot of smoke around the Cards and Garza.

I still don't see the Cardinals giving up a big piece for Garza, but if they can swoop in and give the Cubs a top 10 prospect, Kolten Wong perhaps, and one of their lower level power arms, such as Jordan Swagerty, I think the Cubs would jump at the deal.

From the Cardinals standpoint, Wong is expendable, as he is blocked at the major league level, and Swagerty, currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, has been passed up on the depth charts.  That kind of package would be hard to resist.

In any case, we should know how it turns out by Saturday.

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