Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cardinals still in hunt for starting pitcher?

If there is one thing for certain when it comes to the trade deadline, its that there is nothing certain until it is formally announced and rumors are just that.

Take for instance the Cardinals and their apparent interest in Jake Peavy of the White Sox.  Depending on who you listen to, the Cards are either a favorite to land him or not interested.

For example, ESPN's Jayson Stark indicated yesterday that the Cardinals are content with their current starters and "aren't interested in overpaying for a fellow like Peavy just to say they did." 

On the other hand, Joel Sherman of the New York Post says that the Cardinals are one of the most likely landing spots for Peavy, along with Boston and Oakland. 

Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says that there are no current discussions between the Cardinals and White Sox regarding Peavy.

So, believe whoever you want, but it seems like a whole bunch of ado about nothing.

As for the possibility of Cliff Lee, it sounds like the asking price is sky high.

The Phillies reportedly asked for the Red Sox top prospect, Xander Bogaerts, along with Brandon Workman, PLUS a big league ready outfielder for Lee and were turned down, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark.

To put that in perspective for Cardinals fans, that would likely mean that the Cards would have to give up top prospect Oscar Taveras, plus a young pitcher and perhaps even Kolten Wong to land Lee.

Just not worth it, if you ask me.

Thus, we are probably back to where we have been all along, with GM John Mozeliak indicating that the Cardinals are unlikely to make any big moves before the deadline.

There just doesn't seem to be a significant upgrade available at a reasonable price.  Sure, the Cards could add a bullpen arm before the deadline, but that probably would be the most they would do.

In any case, with a little over a day to go before the deadline, things are awfully quiet on the Cardinals trade front.

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