Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cardinals release Ty Wigginton, promote catcher Rob Johnson

As an update to my article posted less than two hours ago, the Cardinals have given Ty Wigginton his unconditional release and called up catcher Rob Johnson according to Ken Rosenthal (via Twitter).

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Wigginton was rarely used and unproductive when he was used.  By giving him his unconditional release, he is free to sign with another team for the league minimum.  The Cardinals will be on the hook for the remainder of his 2-year, $5 million contract through next season.

With Yadier Molina banged up, the Cardinals needed to make a move to get a backup for Tony Cruz.  Thus Wigginton became expendable.  However, this raises a concern that Yadi's injury may be more serious than the team is letting on.

In any case, it was a rare bad signing for the Cardinals, who have done pretty well on the free agent market, with additions such as Carlos Beltran and Jake Westbrook over the last few years.

But, it is nice to see the team admit their mistake and cut their losses.

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  1. sometimes you have to make a decision and go with, Ty was not playing and not helping the team and that's what is all about team, so bring up someone to fill in when needed. good job cards