Friday, July 19, 2013

More rumors: Cardinals unlikely to make major move before deadline

According to Jennifer Langosch, Cardinals GM John Mozeliak seemed to imply yesterday that the Cardinals were unlikely to make any blockbuster moves before the trade deadline. 

In terms of the trade market and what the Cardinals might add, Mozeliak had this to say:

"For me to sit here today and tell you specifically what we might try to add just doesn't make a lot of sense.  It's not a great market to be shopping in for our particular needs. And there is no glaring weakness now. It's just seeing if there is an incremental benefit that might make us stronger for a last push."
Mozeliak seems satisfied with the Cardinals offense, so if there were to be an addition, it would likely be on the pitching side, just don't expect that addition to be a starter, per Mo:

"I think when you look at our rotation right now, it's hard to imagine any major change in what we're having. I think we have to do our best to protect the younger arms, and I think we're going to space that out pretty well between now and September. But as far as feeling comfortable giving those guys the ball every fifth or sixth day, I think we're strong."

However, that doesn't mean that the Cards won't pursue a veteran reliever.  Asked about adding a veteran arm to the pen, Mozeliak replied, "I think if we found the right piece, we'd pursue it."

This is pretty much in line with what I thought yesterday, in that, if anything, the Cardinals would only add a veteran reliever to the mix.  The Cards do not have any big needs at this time and it doesn't make sense to mortgage the farm for an incremental benefit (e.g. Matt Garza).

So, let the Rangers overspend for Garza, we'll try to find a veteran reliever to help us down the stretch, like Edward Mujica did last year, and that should hopefully be enough to solidify the team for the playoffs.

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