Thursday, July 18, 2013

Latest Matt Garza rumors: Cubs asking for "last and best offers"

As his next scheduled start is creeping ever nearer, the Cubs are asking for the "last and best offers" from the teams involved, according to Buster Olney

Ken Rosenthal feels that the Rangers have the most motivation to acquire Garza and while they don't want to move Martin Perez, per Olney, they have other pitching prospects, such as C.J. Edward and Luke Jackson, that could entice the Cubs.

If the Rangers do not acquire Garza, rival executives feel that either the Cardinals, Red Sox, Diamondbacks or Dodgers would be the likeliest destination, according to Jeff Passan.

So its put up or shut up time for the teams involved.  However, as far as the Cardinals are concerned, I do not think they'll make an aggressive bid for Garza.  As Jim Bowden puts it:

"The Cardinals are reviewing their options but at this point are not pursing anything specifically or aggressively. Can't blame them, as they are arguably the most well-rounded club in the league."
Perhaps if other teams back off, the Cardinals can win Garza with a low-ball offer of say Tyrell Jenkins, Jordan Swagerty and Mike O'Neill, but its doubtful.

In any case, we should know for sure by Monday, at the latest, as that is the day the Garza is next scheduled to pitch.

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