Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cardinals sign Venezuela outfielder Carlos Talavera. Cubs snag two of top 3 prospects.

Today was the first day that MLB teams could sign international players and many teams scrambled to sign the best players available.

The Cardinals signed Venezuela outfielder Carlos Talavera, ranked the 28th best international prospect by Baseball America.  Their scouting report describes Talavera as one of the best hitters in Venezuela with gap power and liken him to Angel Pagan.

This is also the first year that teams had different bonus pools to use to sign prospects and are allowed to trade up to 50% of their pool. 

The Cubs took advantage of that by trading for an addition $963K of pool money and used it to sign the consensus #1 prospect in outfielder Eloy Jimenez of the Dominican Republic and another top 3 prospect in Venezuela short stop Gleybar Torres, making them the big winners in today's signing frenzy.

Check in tomorrow after the dust settles for more updates.


  1. Major League baseball is trying to go 99% Latin, and it is going to ruin their game. It is not only African-American players that are dwindling but also White-American are going down. The initial money saved and early years also, is the real driver of this change. Nobody wants to report on this. I find that cowardly.

  2. When is Major League baseball going to wake up? Soon it will be all Latin players. They are ruining the game.It is all about the money. They will save Hundreds of millions over the long haul. Black and white Americans are disappearing from the game.